Areas of Practice

With very few exceptions, attorneys licensed in Ohio are NOT permitted to say that they specialize in an area of law, but may choose to practice in certain areas. Unless an area of law listed here is expressly identified as a “Specialization,” the area is merely an attorney’s preferred area of practice and NOT an indication of any special knowledge or expertise in that area.

Many attorneys have chosen NOT to list areas of practice as they are in “general practice.” Most attorneys in the Huron County area will not charge for an initial consultation. Please call to ask whether they handle cases like yours and to make an appointment. Do not email an attorney unless you have retained that attorney and that attorney has indicated he communicates by email with his clients.

A listing on this website is NOT a representation that an attorney has malpractice insurance. It is the duty of an attorney to notify a prospective client in writing if they DO NOT carry malpractice insurance.

Select any of the following areas of practice to find a listing of attorneys who may be able to assist you.